Great Eastern Trail in Virginia is a cooperative project of Pine Mountain Trail Conference, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, West Virginia Scenic Trails Association, Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition (SEFTC), American Hiking Society, and The Tugunu Hiking Club. Link to these GET Association member organizations or click on the map below for detailed hiking maps and trail conditions.

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DISCLAIMER The map below is an approximation – it may not be correct in all areas and is subject to change. For more detailed map information, please contact our Participating Clubs.

From the Pine Mountain Trail, the projected GET route generally follows the Kentucky-Virginia state line in Pike County, Kentucky, crossing over into West Virginia at Matewan.  Turning east, the projected route is through Mingo County to R. D. Bailey WMA; then east to Twin Falls State Park, then through the town of Mullens on the way to Camp Creek State Park and Forest.  East of Camp Creek the route follows dirt roads, Pipestem State Park and Resort trails, the Bluestone Turnpike, and trails along the New River (River Right) to the town of Narrows, Virginia, and a connection with the Appalachian Trail.  The hiker then walks north for 16.5 miles to the connection with the Allegheny Trail.  Portions of this route through public properties are already established, but other sections have not been finalizedClick on this link to see the map of the projected route.

For more than 350 miles, the Great Eastern Trail crosses back and forth between West Virginia and Virginia no fewer than 14 times from along the New River north to Hancock, Maryland. As you go north on the GET, you actually go south along the New River on the Mary Draper Ingles Trail into Virginia. In Glen Lyn, Virginia, the GET crosses the New River and follows roads to Narrows, VA. From there it goes up a trail to connect to the

Pine Mountain Trail Potomac Appalachian Trail Club

Appalachian Trail on Pearis Mountain. The GET follows the AT north for about 20 miles through Pearisburg and on Peters Mountain. Where the AT goes east off Peters Mountain, the GET stays on Peters Mountain, following the Allegheny Trail for about 24 more miles. Due to a gap in the Allegheny Trail, the GET does a 40 miles road walk through Paint Bank, Virginia, Sweet Springs, West Virginia, and White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. It rejoins the Allegheny Trail for another 20 miles, then proceeds over many different trails and roads for 150 miles mostly through the George Washington National Forest to the Tuscarora Trail. This series of trails includes Lake Sherwood, Hidden Valley, Shenandoah Mountain, and North Mountain. The Tuscarora Trail leads another 90 miles to Hancock, Maryland, where it crosses the Potomac River and finally exits West Virginia. The Tuscarora Trail section includes Pinnacles, Shockeys Knob, and Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area.

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