New York

Great Eastern Trail in New York is a cooperative project of Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Mid Atlantic Foot Trails Coalition (MAFTC), American Hiking Society. Link to the member organizations or click on the map below for detailed hiking maps and trail conditions.

DISCLAIMER The map below is an approximation – it may not be correct in all areas and is subject to change. For more detailed map information, please contact our Participating Clubs.

Steuben County in upper New York State is the goal of Great Eastern Trail northbound hikers, making a junction with Finger Lakes Trail, New York’s longest (over 550 miles) footpath, here coinciding with America’s longest single footpath, North Country National Scenic Trail. The hard working volunteers of Finger Lakes Trail Conference have identified a conjectured route connecting beads of public lands on a string featuring private owners. The volunteers continue their work to identify private rural landowners willing voluntarily to host America’s exciting new footpath. In summer 2008, the GET extended from the PA/NY border through Pinnacle State Park into the attractive Village of Addison, where the north end for now passes beautiful Greek Revival and Victorian homes in Addison’s Maple Street Historic District.

Presently the GET is fully hikeable from the Allegheny Trail at I-64 exit 1, just east of the VA/WV border, northward through portions of VA, WV, all of MD, all of PA, to Maple Street in the Village of Addison, NY.

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