Great Eastern Trail in Tennessee is a cooperative project of Cumberland Trail Conference, Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition (SEFTC), American Hiking Society. Link to these GET Association member organizations or click on the map below for detailed hiking maps and trail conditions.

Printable Trail Maps:

DISCLAIMER The map below is an approximation – it may not be correct in all areas and is subject to change. For more detailed map information, please contact our Participating Clubs.

The historic city of Chattanooga provides the backdrop for the beginning of your journey here. Several different corridors are being examined to connect the Georgia Pinhoti Trail through downtown Chattanooga to the Cumberland Trail. Possibilities aboundfor the final trail route, including an extensive national military park and scenic walks along the Tennessee River. Just outside the city, the Cumberland Trail begins. Currently over 165 miles are open for hiking. The sandstone Cumberland Plateau has been referred to as a “biogem,” due to the spectacular biological diversity found there.

From spectacular river gorges where bald eagles can be found soaring, to the Obed Wild and Scenic River trail segment with its amazing 1,000 rock steps, Tennessee highlights the Great Eastern Trail experience. The completed trail will run more than 300 miles to the famous Cumberland Gap on the Virginia/Kentucky/Tennessee border where GET meets the Pine Mountain Trail.

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